[Lyrics] Trichi - Back in the days

Trichi - Back in the days lyrics 


On the beat is 2flexing

2flexing fi kick yen sere
(Clear throat)
KSG entertainment baby
Hold on
Call me Trichi

I remember back in the days
When me no get shishi
When me no get kobo
Gbogbo won bi mi pe
Nibo mo ni ma gbegba
(Dem ask me)

I remember back in the days
When owu Dey blow me
When me no get raba
I no Dey make paper
I no Dey count muller
Eh yeh

Sebi Oluwa lo gbemi ga
Lo Bamishe
Ta won werey fin beere lowo mi
Bawo mo sise
Sebi Oluwa lo ko mi yo
Lowo ayeeee
Ti mo fin oun se rere laye mi
Ta won werey tun oun poshey
Oh nah

Verse 1
Haayayya oyooyoo
Oluwa mi
Mo dupe gan
Dem want me down
You take me high
I can’t say all
I’m standing tall
Cos if no be you who I be?
Won pe mi fun aso abi
Back in the days who I be?
Emi mo mo nkan tu ju ti ri
And If I say hello for there!
Or I shout astalavi !
Dem no go look
Dem no go talk
Until I start counting money

Chorus and Hook repeat

Verse 2
Abi sheey he don winni lotto
Trichi with no bad vibes motto
No time for slacking Gee
My baby Dey win on a low low
Shey Make I yarn u the koko
My gbedu na vibe with the solo
I no go pause I no go rush
Until I meet that poco eh yeah
Cos Back in the day who I be ?
Performing on a beat
See now am counting money
Seamus keep making money
I go dey give you some hits
And we go still make more money
We no go pause we no go stop
Until we start counting money

 Hook and Chorus

Shebi Oluwa logbemi ga
Gba mi ga
I don’t know what to say
I gat to thank you for life
For life Jeeee (Jesus)

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