UNHCR Goodwill Appoint 2Baba As Ambassador

Veteran Nigerian artist, 2Baba has been appointed as the new regional goodwill ambassador of United Nations High Commissioner for refugees.
The appointment of 2Baba comes as the world is facing unparalleled levels of forced displacement globally.

He took to his Twitter handle; @official2baba with a series of tweets to announce his new appointment with the United Nations.

“Honored and humbled by my appointment as regional goodwill ambassador of UNHCR. Thanks for the recognition.#WARRIORS #GRATEFUL#ONELOVERELIGION @refugees,” he wrote.

 In another tweet he stated that his work as a goodwill ambassador will start today.

“My role as @Refugees Goodwill Ambassador begins today and I am so excited. Join me and the @LuQuLuQuTribe and lets work together to support and protect people forced to flee.

#DoItLuQuLuQu, #EveryActionCounts – One Africa, One Love. #WARRIORS #GRATEFUL#ONELOVERELIGION,” his tweet read.

 Congratulations to 2Baba as he becomes the first Nigerian to be appointed a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.

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