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Longrich- The Company

Longrich was brought to life with a clear vision of transforming the health and wellness sector. This company is built on the backbone of network marketing and its associated receive a financial compensation for product distribution. As a Longrich associate, one gets to earn commissions from sales of products and services and also commissions from their downline.

Longrich trades products that are in the beauty and cosmetics sector, a niche that is quite competitive, here’s detailed information on the products that you can expect to find on their catalog.

Network marketing model
Just because longrich is a network marketing business model its important to understand how network marketing works. The bottom line is network marketing involves sharing the business products or selling to family and friends, better off when you learn network marketing and promote your longrich business using different methods including online marketing methods so that your team grows faster

What are the Longrich Products?
The company as mentioned above specializes in health and wellness and as such their products are in line with this niche. According to their products catalog they have over a 1000 products that they distribute to their client base. Longrich products range from nutritional supplements, skin care, cosmetics, beauty, personal as well as household products. Their website also contains detailed information on the different products range including the ingredients used to manufacture each of them. Some specific products include toothpaste, charcoal soap, green tea, sanitary wear, and anti-aging skin products.

Is long rich a scam or Pyramid Scheme?
In order for any business to be in business, One needs to provide a service or product. Let’s look at the supermarket shop that sells bread. They can hire the marketing department to market their business. In this case, Longrich is a beauty and healthy company which uses a network marketing model to distribute their product. In my opinion, Longrich is not a scam. They have real products and they have distributors. If you decide to take part in longrich you fill up an application form and purchase longrich products. This means you use the products and you can decide to help distribute the products.

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How to Join Longrich
If you have taken a look at the presentation and you now understand about longrich is all about, make sure you also understand the terms of use and disclaimer policy.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to join the company:

  1. Make a payment to the Longrich Account
  2. Fill in an application form
  3. Send completed form as well as proof of payment back to your referral
  4. Longrich will then capture your details and send you a membership number.
  5. Send in your selected product range that you want to order from Longrich
  6. Receive your products from a courier
  7. You are now a member and you can start enjoying membership rewards.

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Longrich Overview

  1. They have a wide range of products
  2. Women’s health products, they have a unique collection of women’s products and they claim that their products are chemical free, a huge relief in their niche field.
  3. Personal volume sets, independent distributors are required to achieve a certain amount of volume sets before they get any compensation.
  4. Training. Longrich offers basic sales and marketing training and if you require advanced training you would have to outsource elsewhere.

In conclusion, like I said earlier long rich is a network marketing business model you need a team that is supportive, Network marketing is all about team building, motivating each other and sharing strategies. Should you consider to be part of our team Click Here  to see a number of benefits of being part of our community.

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