[Lyrics] Trichi - Jara Eh

Trichi - Jara Eh Lyrics

Oh na na na na
Call me TRICHI
Oh nah
No time
No come here come dey do
One leg in, one leg out

Girl will say!
Bae you know I gat you deep
You know I gat u fi life
Put the shit on me
Bae you know I no go tire
I gat u Bae, you gat me
Oluwa gat you covered
Ah no dey use you play
All na say you get the money

Baby,if you get the money
Girls go call you honey
No money!, Dem go ask you say wetin you put for body.

Oh bobo ,if you get the money
Girls go call you baby o
No money!, Dem mah tell you say wetin you wear for body

Jara eh 2x
No dey do One leg in
Jara eh2x
No come here come dey do One leg out
Jara eh 2x

So I say
Nobody wants to help
You gat to pull yourself up
So bobo fuck shit up
All hustler is a devil
No come here dey frown
Say you no get money
Gat to level up boy
Put your shit up on God

Hook and Chorus repeat

One leg in, one leg out
I no come here to play, say u hear ? eh eh
No come here, come dey shout
Hustler no dey slack, say you hear ? Uhm uhn
Me and you no dey fight
Hustle well book a flight, say you hear? Oh no
Mama cry, Papa grind
Put a smile on their face, say you hear?  eh eh

Hook and chorus repeat
Written by Trichi

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