CASS - "5891"


For the record I didn't mean any of what I said
I was tripping, I was angry
I was a little bit of depressed
This is the first thing I wrote in 2019
But the year started on a good note tho so
I'm not worthy yet to be on 1945 (I meant 85) so this is some backwards shit

Verse 1

I'm in a foul mood I'm taking out on errybody
I'm getting used to taking shots it's becoming a hobby
And I like it
You can't fool me I been psychic
Can't push me to a corner no more I been side kicked
I'm the main attraction
I'll remain in action till you packing up
Howd you call em rappers they can't even rap it up
They really putas you can tell cos they been acting up
And y'all been real ones I swear I've had enough
20 songs in one year and still nothing
Stopped saying blow it feels like i been bluffing
Stayed spitting but they acting like I been coughing
I'm bout to kill y'all Oya make they bring coffin
I'm a real one you so you I'd never switch sides
But I'd never work with the same team they still tribe
But we isn't chasing the same thing
On this side?
Ain't just chasing money we chase dreams that's real vibe
Said I'm rookie clan until the day I die
And nothing's changed but really I would be telling lies
If I told you that I was cool with all the slow moves
And the old juice that keep on acting like he soul food
Just to clarify I ain't dissing
But based on what you seen you feeling like I ain't spitting
But it would interest you to know that all I been doings recording
I have been through it and more and now my foots at the door
Can't even get a mix I need a new master
And I ain't bothered bout the risk I need to move faster
And I ain't asking what you think I been a good rapper
Way before you knew what I meant that one na true matter
Had enough of the patience
I ain't good luck
A nigga only smile on occasion
Am not hood but
You could die real fast and that's facts
And based on who you with its most likely that my gees will have the last laugh

Am brutally honest and that is not a weakness
The fact that I've stayed true to this is one of my achievements
The pressure heavy they want me to put the pen down
And am stressed out but I ain't bout to let my Mans down
I take longer walks and talk less now
I barely leave the house but am stressed out
It's been a long year I thought I'd have it all together
I guess it all worked out
Just without the cheddar
No resolutions, looking for more solutions
No longer learning patience I am not a student
Don't tell me you could get me there I beg you just do it
Stop acting like my struggle is for your amusement
Went from good at nothing to the best at it
It didn't happen overnight it was not magic
I did put in work so it's just tragic
That they getting soft and tattoos and I am just rapping
I guess I shouldn't think about it too much
Lost a lot of old friends I been hanging with a new bunch
Based on what I put out i haven't been doing too much
But I been calling shots bro tho I didn't shoot much
My music was the only thing that kept me happy
And every one who's heard it compared me to papi
But I haven't loved my music for a long minute
Anything you heard since "just love " the boss did it...
Not bout to get to talking bout my mental state
I'm sad and I know so I can barely hate
X's get a pass these days I listen to em
Talking bout tentacion too, I listen to him
I realised
We don't need a bigger sky
If I didn't try to stop you maybe I could really fly
This smile don't mean am good nigga ask miller
Remember when you replace me that you had realer.....

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