IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited Launches Tucana.NG

The first 1000 accounts to purchase a starter plan at tucana.ng gets a free .com domain.
Visit www.tucana.ng to claim yours.
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“Tucana.NG was built as a result of the observation in the tech industry in Nigeria, which is so disorganized that people host in different places, especially outside the country, as well as users’ complaints usually on constant down-time and poor customer support” says CEO of IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited, Mr. Adamu Garba.

IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited, an IT company with expertise in digital transformation, cyber security and advisory consulting, has officially launched a web hosting platform – Tucana.NG, aimed at solving difficulties and simplifying the processes associated with a web host.

“Being a 1-Tier CSP Microsoft Partner, which over a long period of time, has built an industry practice around data center solutions including hosting for different applications at the enterprise level, there was a need to develop a product that will give this enterprise experience to small businesses.”
In Nigeria, one of the major challenges users encounter is lack of effective 24/7 technical support. IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited has a proven track record of more than 10 years in delivering enterprise level support to customers, which will to extend to Tucana users. Therefore, users will have 24/7×365 billing and technical support via live chat, email and telephone calls.
The growing rate of digital transformation of businesses shows that business owners are becoming more enlightened of the endless opportunities to tap from by having a brand identity online, than in the past. The interface is made easy and friendly, so that users with little technical knowledge can find their way around the platform, while tech professionals can get their job done faster.
Tucana’s principal target is to get as much companies and individual as possible to have a unique, optimized and verifiable presence online. Tucana.ng also plan to ensure most small businesses come into the formal economy by having an online communication window to their customers.

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