How to upload mp3 files on your blog for download (full guide)

having problem on how to upload mp3, mp4, pdf, zip and any other file on your blogger blog, here is the solution. Follow the steps below:
Visit using your Gmail account.
Step 1
On the homepage, click  “CREATE” >> “In Classic Sites”.
Step 2
Select “Bank template” >> Choose a name (e.g @helementzmp3) >> Add site location (URL) >> Add Site Description. – No need to select a theme. >> Verify that you are human >> finally “Create”.

Create Music Folder

A folder helps to organise your files in one place. If you are a blogger that want to upload videos, songs, and PDFs online then you should create different folders for each file type.
Step 1
On the blank page, Locate “Create Page” at the top. It has an icon that looks like a folder with a plus at the middle.
Step 2
Fill in the name and leave every other option as default. >> Hit Create.
That is all for creating a Google site with an option to upload Songs. Next is to start uploading your music files.

Uploading Music Files

On the new page, you will see an option to“ADD FILES” hit it and upload your music file from your computer. 
After uploading, locate the download icon next to the delete icon. Right click on it and“copy link address”. To test it, paste the link in a browser and it will start downloading the music file immediately.
Therefore, Whenever you want to upload song files to blogger, go to and you would see your Google site name shown>> after clicking, on the next page, select your folder >> You would see all your uploaded media files.
Locate “Add File” click it and upload your songs.
This is one of the easy ways to upload media files, music files, songs files or MP3 files to blogger with a download button. If you find it hard to understand, leave a feedback below. 
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