The Nigerian beauty, whose full name is Tolulope Adesua Etomi, was born in Owerri, which is South-Western Nigeria, on February 22. There’s a question about her birth year because as several Nigerian editorials claimed, she was born in 1988, and she herself said that she was 29 in 2016.
The same year, another publication stated that she was 30. Probably, the only people who can answer this question are Adesua Etomi and her family. Her father was a soldier while her mother was a civil engineer.
Adesua Etomi was the youngest of the three children in the family. She has always loved expressing her personality through her performance. At the tender age of 7, she decided that she loved acting. She entered an acting club in her primary school in Lagos. At the age of 13, Adesua Etomi moved to the United Kingdom.
In the UK, she got a diploma in physical theatre, performing arts and musical theatre after completing a course in 2006. Then, she entered the University of Wolverhampton and completed the course with honors.
Adesua Etomi returned to her homeland, Nigeria, in 2012. She was not even thinking of returning to Lagos and staying there. She just wanted to spend three months in her home city and get back to Europe. Still, everything went in another way. In the UK, Adesua Etomi quit her job because it brought her no satisfaction, and she was longing for something different. Now, we can see that she has stayed in Lagos for far more than three months. It was because of the hearty welcome from Nollywood that loved her and embraced her.
As we all can see, Adesua Etomi biography is full of struggles and achievements. She has managed to get the profession she has always loved and became a star. She has earned success and fortune, she is loved by thousands of people who are proud of her and wish her further success.
Adesua Etomi believes in God with all her heart. She believes that it was the Lord’s mercy and Lord’s will to grant her the success she has.

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